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Professional Taiwan Knitted Fabric Supplier

EYSAN was established in 1986. Since that point, we have been one of the main Taiwan fabric suppliers. We place all our effort into innovation, searching for excellence and higher customer satisfaction.

Fabric Supplier Focusing on Development and Material

You can find a variety of knitting machines for just about any type of structure. No factory could invest in so many machines suitable for different structures. Eysan knows the market requirements and it focuses on material procurement, market and product development as well as other adjacent tasks as you go alone.

The company cooperates with some of the major ODM and OEM factories in Taiwan. As one of the main Taiwan fabric suppliers, our company works with a multitude of knitting mills like engineering stripe, interlock, jacquard, tricot knitting mills and so on. There are also dyeing mills that are specialized in dyeing synthetic fabrics, others are specialized only in staple yarn fabric.

We have an R&D team that can easily exercise the technique during production. And since we have stable sales performance as well as stellar payment reputation and great management system, we have a very good relationship with all the subcontracted factories. That makes us one of the best Taiwan fabric suppliers out there.

Our team only works with factories that offer a very large capacity. That gives the mobility that you need even during a season with a lot of demand. When the season start, we invest a lot in yarn purchases. And since we work closely with dyeing and knitting mills, we can easily provide the utmost solutions without having you spend a lot of money to begin with.

We always focus on quality, this is a primary concern for us and always has been. Starting with the development stage and up until selling the finished product, we study the product quality and improve on it. Our goal is to have happy customers and provide them with the utmost professionalism no matter the situation.

Transformation for the Best

EYSAN is one of the main Taiwan fabric suppliers, but we started as a domestic knitted fabric supplier focused on women’s wear. We have a true focus on Taiwan’s textile development, yet at the same time we also work with functional synthetic fabrics. We collaborate with some of the best yarn knitting, post finishing, printing and dyeing factories. That offers us the speed and capabilities needed to fulfill the customer requirements no matter the situation.


EYSAN saw the internet trends and hopped on it very quickly. The company has joined Alibaba in order to generate more exposure in 2010, and it also uses internet marketing since 2015. The company has also won the top 10 Ecommerce Companies of the Year award from Alibaba in 2017.

Commitment to Quality

The EYSAN team is fully committed to bringing in the very best quality control on the market and focuses on retaining the title of being one of the best Taiwan fabric suppliers. Our personal monitors quality and any records, all while bringing in front tremendous benefits all the time. We also inspect fabrics before shipments.

Let’s us help you!

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