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Textile Exhibition Schedule 2018


Performance Meet Comfort

The focus of our textile exhibition this year, 2018, is “Performance Meet Comfort.”

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"Sportswear trend has gone widely spread in recent years."

The sportswear trend has gone widely spread in recent years. Not only sportswear is having great growth, lots of casual wear brands have also joined the sportswear market, which even create the athleisure trend. Brands don’t just require simple moisture wicking property for the fabrics any more, but multi-functional fabrics (i.e. wicking and anti-bacterial), enhancing sport performance (i.e. compression) and increasing the comfort level to fabrics.

High Spandex, Fine Knitting Gauge, Compression Fabric

EYSAN not only has been developing fabrics with the market trend and focusing on performance fabrics, but also has been doing some exclusive development. For example, for sportswear, we have developed fabrics contain high spandex percentage to increase the stretch and recovery of the fabric, which can also increase sport performance of the user. For underwear, we have used various kinds of anti-bacterial and wicking yarn or finishing to increase the comfort level. For brands that want more colorful and stylish designs, we have developed stretch jacquard fabrics with various patterns.

Fabrics should not longer be a drag on wearers, but help them to level up the performance.

We don’t only focus on the function of the fabric, but also the comfort. For example, temperature control fabrics can wick away sweat quickly, which could create more drying property, but when user stops exercising, the fabric will decrease the breathability, so the user won’t feel chill. Moreover, we have also developed fine denier and fine knitting gauge fabrics, which not only has incredible hand-feeling, but also increases the tightness and improve the comfort level.

Smart Temperature Thermo Regulation Fabrics

For eco-friendly trend, EYSAN has also developed fabrics made from recycled nylon waste and recycled polyester drinking bottle. Moreover, we have also developed collagen fabrics made from recycled fish scales, which is innovated in Taiwan.


Umorfil - Collagen Extracted from Fish Scale

Umorfil nylon fabric is not only antimicrobial, but also contains collagen, which will keep your skin hydrated.

Bellow are the textile/fabric fairs we are exhibiting this year(2018). You are very welcome to visit us for various kind of functional knitted fabrics, latest developed items and professional service.

TITAS – Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show

City: Taipei, Taiwan

Date: October 16th – 18th

Booth No.: M1006

Performance Days – Functional Fabric Fair

City: Munich, Germany

Date: November 28th – 29th

Booth No.: O04 / Hall C1

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